Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Greetings

Hello there.

My name, obviously, is Matthew.

I am not going to say much here about my family. They have their own life, they don't need me to reveal their lives publicly for them, they can do that as they choose fir themselves. Though I do hope I am forgiven by them if mention them from time to time as a side note in my blogs.

I will say however; I have no sisters, and only the one older brother who lives over east with his very own family now, with very few exceptions, the rest of my family, including my parents, are in South Australia.

I finished my high school years in Adelaide, after that I traveled Australia for a few years, mostly through the center of the country. I am now living in Perth, and have been so since the beginning of 2001. Many adventures were had during the few years of travel, I am sure they will come to light in various blogs.

I live alone, in a single bedroom flat, and one of the things I am eternally grateful for is that I have no children. I am sure they are all cute, cuddly, wonderful and sweet, but they are just not for me. If they are so sweet and adorable, you can have my share.

I am currently working in a supply warehouse. The work is mundane and boring, though it pays the rent - barely.

I am trying to write my way through a story - many blogs will surely end up being about it. I attend Conventions here in Perth - or at least the two big ones, so yes I do have a certain geek level.

Right, that is enough from me for the moment. I can not say how regular my blogs will come, sometimes almost everyday, sometimes once a week.


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