Friday, 8 June 2012

My Novel, the Lore Enforcer.

Right, hi there,

I have finally worked up the courage to start blogging properly. So I thought I would start putting up excerpts of my novel, which is titled, "The Lore Enforcer".

The idea of the story came from many different factors. One source was the Japanese Anime series, Bleach. Another was the Hollywood movie "The Adjustment Bureau".

I will post up my summery shortly, which should explain the basic concept of the story.

Some of the problems I am encountering with the story - I mean outside the usual any writer has with plot lines, and character development etc - is the fact a great deal of my story deals and revolves around Religion and peoples Faith. Yes, I am trying to keep the two ideas as seperate, since it seems many people now can identify themselves of having Faith, but not really following a Religion.

I am not trying to put down any faith or religion, nor trying to say one is more legitimate than any other. Nor am I am trying to turn the story into a thesis of theological discussions.

It is a very ficticious story based around real life. Trying to be delicate around peoples most prized possessions - themselves, their minds, their faith, their souls.

It is also a difficult thing to reference the Holy Books of the various Faiths (the Torah, the Koran, the Bible, amongst all the rest) and be correct in it. Even though it is a work of fiction, I do want to be correct in the matters that need to be.

The Lore Enforcer is set in the modern city of Perth, Western Australia, and in current times.

Many times I will be putting up segments of my story and asking you to be as brutal as you can with the section I have posted. Pock holes in the logic, ask me to explain the reasoning, make fun of my grammer, but I do ask if you see something that is incorrect, pleas e just don't say "That is wrong..." and leave it there, back yourself up. If I made a mistake in a reference to the Bible, pick me up on it, and point out where and why I am wrong, and then point out the correction.

The summary will be up shortly!



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